Capital for the Commons

Frontiers of Commoning

The logic of neoliberal capitalism is responsible for at least three interrelated, systemic problems that urgently need to be addressed – the destruction of ecosystems, market enclosures of commons, and assaults on equality, social justice and our capacity to perform care work. None of these problems is likely to be overcome unless we can find ways to develop innovative co-operative finance and money systems that can address all three problems in integrated ways.

Fortunately, new opportunities to pursue systemic change are arising: Insurgent critiques of the money system, cooperative finance models, social and ethical banking, public banks, and new types of lending and currencies based on digital technologies. One might say a post-capitalist vision for finance and money is fitfully emerging.

To try to synthesize a new vision and activist collaboration on these fronts, CSG, in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation, hosted a Deep Dive workshop for twenty-five banking and finance experts, activists and practitioners in September 2015 to push this field of action forward.

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